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PCT Business Boosters Webinar Series

02:00 PM – 03:30 PM

Key Strategies to Achieving Growth Without Raising Your Prices
General Session
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With the costs of doing business increasing and hiring great technicians being a challenge, it is still possible to grow without passing additional costs onto your customers. Join us and learn from Bill Hoffman from Hoffman’s Exterminating and Greg Schoch from Anytime Pest as we talk about multiple growth strategies to keep growing your business top of mind. Attendees will learn:

  • When to “let go” and rely on others to help with the growth
  • Why you should focus on being “local” with time-tested density strategies
  • How soft skills can be the key to customer retention
  • Importance of taking risks and planning for failure
Bill Hoffman
Speaker Bill Hoffman President/CEO Hoffman’s Exterminating View Bio
Greg Schoch
Speaker Greg Schoch President Anytime Pest Elimination View Bio

02:00 PM – 03:30 PM

Improve Your Rodent Exclusion Program: Think Like a Rat!
General Session
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Pest exclusion is an old concept, but new interest in this approach has created opportunities for professionals to expand their company profile. To provide effective rodent exclusion, professionals must understand mouse and rat behaviors. Therefore, in this session we’ll explore key aspects of rodent biology and behavior, creating a foundation for understanding where and when to implement exclusion tactics. By considering sites from the perspective of a rat, unconstrained by the boundaries that people use to define our spaces, we can develop better management strategies that include pest exclusion.
Matt Frye
Speaker Matt Frye Community IPM Extension Area Educator New York State Integrated Pest Management, Cornell University View Bio
Dave Colbert
Speaker Dave Colbert VP Sales Xcluder View Bio

02:00 PM – 03:30 PM

Misconceptions Around Marketing
General Session
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Pest control marketing involves much more than coming up with an eye-popping logo and/or catchy slogan. It includes thorough research and planning to develop a strategy for best reaching potential customers. Add to the mix the numerous sales/marketing outlets available in the digital age, the task of developing a successful marketing strategy can seem daunting. In the “Misconceptions Around Marketing” webinar, sponsored by FieldRoutes, one the pest control industry’s leading marketers, Hal Coleman, a former PCO, will share his experience with what does – and doesn’t – work when it comes to pest control marketing. A humorous and provocative speaker, Coleman will share tips for helping you get your business on a faster growth track without spending a fortune on SEO and advertising.
Hal Coleman
Speaker Hal Coleman President Coleman Services View Bio
Ryan Drury
Speaker Ryan Drury Sales Manager FieldRoutes View Bio